TSB Group

TSB Group

TSB is a uniquely integrated group of companies. Our integrated approach simplifies client access to a comprehensive range of services, offering efficiency and convenience.
By working with any of our companies, you tap into a wealth of expertise under one roof.

Premium Video Production

Akshon Media is a content studio that produces high-quality digital videos across a breadth of brands and categories. While having initial recognition in the esports and gaming industry, the agency’s portfolio has since expanded to include projects in diverse sectors such as technology, real estate, food, events, and interior design. Akshon’s capabilities covers a wide spectrum that includes creative ideation, story development, video editing, videography, photography, article writing, YouTube channel management, broadcast production support, and media asset management.

Interior Design + Build – Commercial/Retail

Ark+Mason is an interior design and building firm focusing on commercial projects in Greater Vancouver. Comprising a team of creative minds that believe design and construction should offer more than just attractive, well-built space, Ark+Mason believes that stories can be told and experiences can be made. Impactful design and construction starts with the right team who hold the necessary values and principles to help you realize your vision.

Video Capture Software

Insights.gg is a cloud-based software company based in Vancouver. They have developed a suite of tools which enable gamers to easily record, share, and review their game footage with friends and teammates. From world- class teams, to 2 million+ gamers in over 200 countries, Insights’ products provide automation in an array of use cases like security, cloud-storage, collaborative review, video editing, and game capture.

Real Estate Digital Marketing Agency

Property Cake helps develop businesses with focus on their brand and customer experience to help them shine on web. They work with future-thinking clients including many of the Canada’s brokerages and developers.

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